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“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore, and tell the world the glories of our journey.”
John Hope Franklin

 Resources for Writers

Links to websites offering information and advice about writing and publishing.

 Working with Disability

A world of opportunity has opened in the age of communication, widening horizons for those who are challenged by disabilities.

 Games and Diversions

Free online games with words – boost your skills!

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Resources for Writers
Writers Guilds & Orgs  Authors Guild
 International Women's Writing Guild
 Nat. Assoc. of Independent Writers/Editors
 National Writers Union
 PEN American Center
 Poets & Writers
 Writers Guild of America - East
 Writers Guild of America - West
 Writers Guild of Canada
 Writers Meetup Groups
Publishing Information
& Tips 
 From Typewriter to Bookstore (Video)
  Mediabistro - Content Creators Community
  Basic Book Design
  The Book Designer
  Writers Market
 Publetariat - People Who Publish
  The Book Deal - Insider View of Publishing
  10 Best Publisher Blogs
  Self-Publishing - 25 Things U Need 2 Know
  Reasons Not to Self-Publish in 2011-2012
Print on Demand Services  Aventine Press
 Dog Ear Publishing
 Elderberry Press
  Espresso Book Machine
 Infinity Publishing
 Lightning Source 
 Smashwords (eBook)
Writing Style Guides  AP Style (Associated Press)
  APA Style (American Psychological Association)
  Chicago Manual of Style
  MLA Style (Modern Language Association)
  The Elements of Style - Strunk & White
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Working with Disability

Beyond the Computer Screen

The internet age has brought immense benefits for people coping with functional challenges, thanks to new global connections that enable information transfer and commercial transactions from home. For many disabled individuals, this can mean the difference between engaging in a productive and fulfilling work-life, and letting their valuable talents go to waste. When issues of transportation or accommodation to a work environment pose insurmountable obstacles, telecommuting and online entrepreneurship now offer employment solutions that were unimaginable short years ago.

The opacity of online enterprise also offers a protective screen for disorders that may cause social discomfort, but disability should never have to be hidden, or rendered invisible. Working productively in spite of functional challenges can be considered an accomplishment in itself, and open discussion can promote awareness of issues affecting the disabled in society, as well as solidarity among people in similar circumstances.

Over the course of the past decade, the progression of a physical disorder has gradually limited the range of my own activities, but this hasn’t dampened my creative spirit and intellectual curiosity, or my thirst for engagement with the dynamic, productive energy of the working world. Thanks to the communications revolution, options for people in this situation have never been broader. 

Online Resources

Many resources are available for those who are interested in issues affecting disabled people who are working or seeking employment, and below are some links to organizations that offer information and advice. I hope these may be of use, and I wish you success in all your endeavors.

Global Network for Entrepreneurs with Disabilities
World Association of Persons with Disabilities 
    Internet Resources - Careers & Employment
Disabled World
Disability Employment Information & Job Opportunities
    Home-Based Jobs for Persons with a Disability
Job Accomodation Network (US)
    JAN - Entrepreneurship
The Abilities Fund (US) - Employment (US)
Employment Resources for Disabled - Riley Guide (US)
People w/ Disabilities - US Small Business Admin.
Diversity World - Disability and Employment (US/CAN)
US Office of Disability Employment Policy
Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network (Canada)  
Employment Programmes for Disabled People (UK)

"Each handicap is like a hurdle in a steeplechase, and when you ride up to it, if you throw your heart over, the horse will go along, too."
Lawrence Bixby
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Games and Diversions
Word Games  Washington Post Word Games
 Merriam Webster Word Games & Quizzes
 The Problem Site Word Games
 WFP Free Rice: Correct Answers Donate Food
Word Games
for Kids
 PBS Kids Spelling Games
  British Council: Learn English Games for Kids
  ABCya: Make a Word Search Puzzle
  Spelling Training
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Games for English Learners  Wordville: Word Games for Language Learners
  Games to Learn English
  Word Seach Puzzles for Learning English
  English Club: ESL Games Online
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