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Communication is connection

"Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after."
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Whether you are a writer, a professional in another field, or anyone else who has something important to say — you understand that the clarity, substance and style of your written communications represent you and your endeavors to the world, and that the strength of this connection makes all the difference to your success.

Communication is my passion and writing is my obssession — so when dedicated assistance is needed in crafting or revising written materials for the project that means everything to you, I can make the difference you are seeking, to strengthen your connection with the people you need to reach.

You will find detailed information about my services on this site, and you can send your query directly to me using the online form or the email address provided on the Contact page. Thank you for visiting Lucida Communications, and I look forward to hearing about your project.

Please note: I do not edit writing for college or high school assignments.

Writing Research, Development, Writing, Revision
 Articles, essays, blurbs
 Reports, proposals, memoranda
 Promotional materials
 Website content
Revision Substantive or Developmental Editing, Rewriting
 Book manuscripts
 Academic articles, dissertations
 Business materials, reports, proposals, resumes
 Fiction, nonfiction, poetry
 Personal memoirs, family histories
Websites, Blogs, Printed Promotional Materials
  Content development / revision for web or print media
  Layout design for promotional materials
 Web-based information design
  Website content maintenance
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About Me

Experience and Qualifications

I have provided writing, editing, translation and design services for a wide range of print and online publications in the US and abroad. Projects have included magazine articles, academic treatises, scholarly books, poetry and works of fiction, as well as website content and written communications for commercial, non-profit and personal use. 

I hold an MFA in Creative Writing and a BA in English Language and Literature, and I have taught Creative and Expository Writing at the university level, as well as English as a Second Language. I am fluent in French and Hungarian, and I have a working knowledge of Spanish.

Special Language Skills

I have spent more than a decade abroad, acquiring conversational fluency and living daily life in a second and a third language, and this has greatly increased my sensitivity to shades of meaning and subtleties of phrasing and style as they translate across languages and cultures.

This skill has been particularly valuable to my clients who are non-native English speakers, as it facilitates interpretation and clarification of non-standard phrasing and word choices. 

Language ability levels:

Hungarian: Fluent; translation service offered (into English)
French: Fluent reading comprehension; good writing skills
Spanish: Good reading comprehension
Italian: Very basic knowledge

Resume and selected project list provided upon request.
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Query: You can query me directly about your project using the form or email address provided on the Contact page.

Estimate: In response to your query, I will provide an estimate based on standard rates that are within the guidelines published by the Editorial Freelancers Association (see link below).

  • For most projects, charges are based on hourly rates, and estimates represent an approximate calculation of time required.
  • For book manuscripts and other large projects, reduced rates are offered at all service levels.
  • For rush jobs completed within 48 hours or less, there will be a 25% surcharge.
Samples: For most large projects, editing or writing samples based on project parameters will be provided free of charge.
  Common Rates — Editorial Freelancers Association
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Payment is accepted via PayPal. The logo below links to their website, if you would like to learn more about their services. 

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Thank you for visiting Lucida Communications.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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